The judges of the 12th Salon International de l'Affiche assembled at the UNESCO office in Paris. on Tuesday 12, January 1999, and selected 62 posters (among 174 exhibited) from 11 countries - Austria, China (Hong Kong and Taiwan included), Republic of Korea. Den­mark, the USA, France, Israel, Japan, Republic of Czech. Sweden. Switzerland - which represent the quality of the creativity of posters in the world. The selection will be exhibited, from February to the end of this year, around the world : at three cities in the USA, in Republic of Ko­rea. in Japan, in China, in Taiwan, in Israel, in Republic of Czech, in Austria. and in Belgium. The Star of this event is the Grand Prix Savignac which awards the best poster of the world. The creator of this prize wished that this "prize is given to the poster which is designed and illustrated with an artist's inclination: the poster is clarified in his reading, simplified in his expression, and is a joy obtained in his spirit and color.

Savignac accepted giving his name to the International Prize which awards the "Spirit of synthesis, the beauty of evidence, and the subject hand of the artist," as it was intended by the celebrated artist. It is the sculptor. Louis Derbré who engraved the trophy to a winner chosen by the judges. Upon the vision of Savignac. the Eternal Feminin((the trophy) be­came the Oscar of the poster.

New York, USA, March 1995

The previous winners of Le Salon International de l'Affiche include Per ARNOLDI of Denmark in 1992, STASYS of Poland in 1993. Ratal OLBINSKI of the USA in 1994, Shigeo FUKUDA of Japan in 1995, Milton GLASER of the USA in 1996, Oyoung KWON of Korea in 1997. And in 1998, a Swedish artist Carina LANK was awarded the Grand Prix Savignac for her work 'Biologiska Museum'.

Le Salon International de l'Affiche is organized, every year, at the UNESCO. in partnership with ICOGRADA and l'Academie Nationale des Arts de Ia Rue (ANAR). Month/i' Design, the prestige design magazine in Korea, realized the catalogue for the international exhibition of the 12th Salon 1998.

This program. unique in the world, establishes the information of high level which concerns not only the artists, the designers and the professionals (agencies, billposters, and advertisers), but also the public at large. In all of the countries, the reception constantly concerns amateurs in great numbers and is the cultural evidence of today.   The president, André PARINAUD